5 Reasons to Use Bamboo Utensils


Bamboo Utensils Cutlery Eco Friendly Tips

Do you feel inspired and motivated after watching all these YouTube videos about cleaning beaches and reducing plastic pollution?! Me too!

Single-use plastic is used for minutes and then tossed and left to degrade in landfills and oceans for centuries. However, I have some good news! Together, we can change it! Starting from yourself is a first step towards the positive change and every action you make matters!

There are several ways of replacing plastic, and one of them is a bamboo alternative! Using bamboo products helps the environment because of the nature of the plant itself. Bamboo produces greater biomass and up to 30% more oxygen than a comparable forest.

Is this not convincing enough? What if I say that one of the easiest ways to promote sustainability in your everyday life is using reusable bamboo utensils which helps to reduce your plastic footprint?

Keep reading and see 5 reasons why using bamboo utensils is a great idea.

1. Environment-Friendly

Did you know that bamboo is actually not a tree but a grass? Yep, that’s right!

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth and is a naturally eco-friendly and biodegradable resource. Once the bamboo is cut, it continues the growth and therefore killing the plant itself is avoided! This helps to prevent deforestation, and it shows that bamboo is a highly renewable resource.

Moreover, when the bamboo grows, there are no pesticides or toxins used, meaning it’s much healthier than wooden or plastic utensils. Once it’s thrown away, it will degrade naturally, transforming into the nutrient-rich soil and helping other plants to grow, which is one of the many reasons why to opt out for the recommended bamboo option!

2. Durability

Bamboo utensils are long-lasting and much more durable than plastic or regular wood. Bamboo is very strong and besides using it for kitchen utensils, bamboo used to be used as a support for bridges due to similar strength as steel has! It might sound unreal, but it’s true, I promise!

On the other hand, bamboo utensils are very light, which makes it easy to carry around in your handbag or while traveling. Utensils can be reused many times rather than thrown away and it just needs to be cleaned. It couldn’t be easier!

A little tip - Use a bamboo chopping board instead of the wooden one due to bamboo being harder than regular wood, so it will last longer.

3. Portable

The great thing about bamboo utensils is that they are very easy and comfortable to use! You can take it for your next adventure, you can use it for a lunch box or even when you go to your favorite fast food to avoid single-use cutlery.

Furthermore, bamboo is a stain, heat and water-resistant material and it keeps hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Bamboo products, including utensils, do not stain and do not absorb odors, which makes them stand out in a competition.  

4. Aesthetically Appealing

Bamboo’s natural and simplistic look is appealing to everyone, and it’s a very nice addition to any modern kitchen. If you prefer taking the bamboo utensil set with you for your travels or picnic, most of the sets come with a cotton pouch or carrying case, making it ready and easy to be put into the backpack.

Bamboo utensils can be also a great gift for friends and family, so look no more if you are still not sure what to get for your sister’s housewarming party or your friend’s 30th birthday!

5. A Healthy Alternative

Bamboo is naturally an antibacterial & antifungal, which makes it a healthy alternative unlike some of the metal or plastic utensils that might contain toxins. Bamboo also doesn’t affect the taste of the food, so no need to worry about unpleasant metal aftertaste and rather enjoy the flavors and taste of your food.

By considering this reason, you are not just helping the planet but also your own immune system! Doesn’t that make you feel even more confident to use bamboo products?

Useful Bonus TIP

To extend the life and give bamboo utensils a beautiful shine, treat it with food-safe mineral oil periodically. Seasoning will also prevent the bamboo from absorbing food stains or odors. Lastly, try to avoid microwaves and dishwashers which might damage the bamboo.

As you can see, bamboo comes with a lot of advantages and it’s much more beneficial for both our planet but also for ourselves! No more toxins, plastic waste or lack of information. With a huge eco-friendly and zero waste boom in the world, make yourself aware of this problem and try to make a change in your life. Even small steps towards the change counts!

You can choose from many bamboo utensil sets that come at affordable prices and by buying one, you are helping the environment to reduce the plastic waste but in many cases, you are supporting local communities or other good causes.

We have created our own Bamboo Travel Utensils and which many people love! Every product sold plants one tree! So what are you waiting for? Get one set for yourself and show the world together, we can achieve anything!

Also let me know below in comments, what are your steps fighting the plastic pollution!