Our Story

It Started with a Backpack...

Valow Sustainable Company


I love to travel and have been travelling around the world to countries such as India, Thailand, Indonesia. I had the opportunity to participate in beach clean ups, volunteered at recycling center, visited local landfills and witnessed the impact that plastic waste does to our environment and our society.

With the inspiration to do something about the situation, I set out to develop a product with the intention of raising awareness of plastic pollution and help others reduce the use of plastic.

Making the change in the bigger scale requires a group of us doing it together. We hope our products could spark the conversation, raise awareness of plastic pollution and help you reduce plastic in your life.

​- Valerie Low, Founder of Valow

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Planting Trees

With every product you purchase, one tree is being planted to give back to the Earth. Trees help offset our carbon footprint, restore wildlife habitat, and empower local farmer communities. We have been planting trees in Guatemala, California, Indonesia and Brazil. We are planning to expand our coverage to cities such as Ghana and Haiti and plant 100,000 trees by 2022.


"Let the things we leave behind be our legend not our waste."